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Swiss Tschaggatta Scary Masked Figures 0

Tschäggättä, the Mountain Monsters of Switzerland

If someone mentions Switzerland, images of, Snow-capped mountains, cuckoo clocks and penknives with hundreds of useful gadgets will probably spring to mind. Not many people would conjure up images of Tschäggättä, terrifying monsters roaming...

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab 0

Children’s Deadly Atomic Toy!

Particularly when it comes to children we lived in a health and safety obsessed world. They get stuffed into hi-viz smocks and hard hats and are velcro’ed together on school outings. Every surface has...

bizarre and weird claims by Indian Scientists 0

Bizarre and Weird Claims by Indian Scientists!

Speakers at a major science convention in India caused international consternation and hilarity with some of their bizarre and weird statements. These included claiming the invention of the aeroplane and stem cell research centuries...