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When is a meat pie not a meat pie? 0

When is a Meat Pie Not a Meat Pie?

It’s a very good question when is a meat pie not a meat pie? The obvious answer is quite correct in this instance, when it’s got no meat. But the reason behind this is...

Swiss Tschaggatta Scary Masked Figures 0

Tschäggättä, the Mountain Monsters of Switzerland

If someone mentions Switzerland, images of, Snow-capped mountains, cuckoo clocks and penknives with hundreds of useful gadgets will probably spring to mind. Not many people would conjure up images of Tschäggättä, terrifying monsters roaming...

Trivia Quiz Capital Cities of Europe 0

Capital Cities of Europe

Are you well travelled? Do you think you know your way around Europe? Test your knowledge of the European Capital Cities with our quiz! Europe, the world’s second smallest continent, certainly packs a lot...