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Swiss Tschaggatta Scary Masked Figures 0

Tschäggättä, the Mountain Monsters of Switzerland

If someone mentions Switzerland, images of, Snow-capped mountains, cuckoo clocks and penknives with hundreds of useful gadgets will probably spring to mind. Not many people would conjure up images of Tschäggättä, terrifying monsters roaming...

Sawney Bean Scottish Cannibal Family 0

Shocking Secret of the Scottish Cannibals!

From deep fried Mars Bars to neeps and tatties, square sausages to the ubiquitous haggis, the Scottish do have very distinct culinary traditions. But these sound positively scrumptious compared to the horrors of the...

London Necropolis Railway Coffin Ticket 0

The Horrifying London Necropolis Railway

At the time it was the largest and wealthiest city in the world, but London in the 1800’s was dirty, overcrowded and disease ridden. Millions lived in squalor and poverty, open sewers and cesspools...